Prague public transport

The Prague City displays one of the best public-transport systems in Europe, which includes Metro, tram, bus and some railway lines.

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The personal transit to the Václav Havel Airport Prague

Public transport tickets valid for Metro (subway), bus, and tram must be purchased before boarding and immediately validated on the first use of a transport medium by one of the ticket cancellation machines placed inside the vehicle or at the subway entrance. On all stations, the time table as well as a list of line stations can be found.

The tickets are available at most of the newspaper (cigarette, tobacco) stands, in small shops, and from special vending machines and also from a bus drivers or ticket sales in underground stations. You can buy two types of tickets for a single trip:

  • 40 CZK fare for a 90 minute trip with as many transfers as needed.
  • 30 CZK fare for a trip limited to max. 30 minutes, transfers are allowed.
  • There are also special tickets valid for 24 hours (120 CZK), three days (330 CZK).

Maps of Prague transportation lines

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